75+ Best Cute and Cozy Plus Size Loungewear Sets - The Plus Life (2024)

There’s really nothing better than great plus size loungewear sets. They’re the perfect mix of comfort and style… and who doesn’t want that?!

If you want to look put together while feeling like you’re in your pajamas, keep reading to find out where to shop and see all of our top picks available right now.

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In March 2020 when the whole world changed, many of us began spending more time at home than ever before. If you’re a work-from-home babe, general homebody, or if you just want to look good and feel comfy, you definitely need great loungewear.

Today we’re sharing 20 retailers offering plus size options you’ll love along with our favorite styles currently available.

Where to Buy a Plus Size Loungewear Set

Whether you’re looking for affordable options, the most luxurious, or somewhere in between… we’ve got you covered.

Luxury Plus Size Lounge Sets

If you’re looking for extremely high-quality, comfortable, and luxurious plus size lounge sets, these retailers will be your best bet.

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  • Universal Standard: Universal Standard offers incredible high quality basics, including lounge. They offer an incredible size range of 00-40 along with a Fit Liberty program allowing exchanges of select items within one year if your sizing needs change.
  • Anthropologie: Anthropologie offers the most gorgeous styles that just cannot be found elsewhere. Their plus size pieces are available in 1X-3X; however, they are often a generous fit with oversized pieces. Folks who wear a 4X can often buy a 3X at Anthropologie.
  • 11 Honore: 11 Honore is an online marketplace offering high end designer options in plus size. They also launched their own line in house. Each brand on the site can have different sizing so be sure to pay close attention to measurements on the size chart.
  • Madewell: Madewell now offers plus sizes up to a 4X or 28. They’re known for high quality wardrobe essentials that will last for years. In loungewear, they offer a variety of unexpected colors that can be hard to find in plus sizes.
  • Skims: While the one and only Kim Kardashion is super glam, the woman also knows her loungewear. Skims offers a number of different styles in each colorway allowing for mixing and matching to create different looks.
  • NordstromNordstrom offers pieces from Skims in addition to other brands including BP. The size range varies by brand.
  • Girlfriend CollectiveGirlfriend Collective is an amazing eco-friendly brand offering a great size range of XXS-6X. They offer a variety of stunning colors in a number of different styles.
  • Beyond YogaBeyond Yoga offers high quality options in sizes XXS-4X. Beyond manufactures their products in the USA and they pride themselves on not retouching model photos.

Plus Size Loungewear Sets Cheap

For cheap plus size loungewear sets, we recommend checking out Target’s selection. You can also find great deals at Old Navy, a brand that frequently runs major sales.

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  • Target: Many of Target’s lounge pieces have a bit of a Skims aesthetic at a much more affordable pricepoint. Their pieces are available in sizes 1X-4X.
  • Old Navy: Old Navy is always a TPL Community favorite and they do active and loungewear SO well! The size range is from XS to 4X.
  • Walmart: Walmart has really upped their game when it comes to plus size clothing. Each brand’s sizing varies but you’ll find some options up to a 4X or 5X.
  • Ashley Stewart: If you’re looking for trendier options, Ashley Stewart will be a go-to for you! They offer sizes 1X-4X.
  • Asos: Asos Curve offers trendy options at affordable prices, but pay special attention to the size charts as UK sizing, not US, is the default on the website.

Best Plus Size Loungewear

These “middle of the road” retailers provide a great value giving you nice pieces for a good price. These brands tend to be the best-sellers within the TPL community because you can have the best of both worlds.

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  • Woman Within: Woman Within is another size inclusive brand with styles available up to a size 40. One note: Woman Within shipping can be quite pricy but you can almost always find a free shipping discount code via a quick Google search!
  • Lane Bryant: What plus size fashion list doesn’t include the OG, Lane Bryant? Their Livi Active collection includes a variety of lounge options up to a size 28, with some styles available to a size 40!
  • Eloquii: Eloquii is another great option for trendy loungewear. They have been consistently putting out new lounge styles so be sure to check back often. Their size range is 14-28.
  • Athleta: We constantly hear folks rave about Athleta. Their sizing stops at a 3X but many styles have a forgiving fit. Many folks who traditionally wear a 4X are able to wear 3X from Athleta in some styles.
  • Amazon: Amazon is another resource for finding a lot of different loungewear styles.
  • Torrid: Torrid is another great option for lounge offering sizes 10-30. This robe and lounge pants combo is on regular rotation in my own lounge wardrobe. SO comfy!
  • Fabletics – You probably know Fabletics for their athletic gear, but they offer a number of cute lounge styles too! Their plus size range is available in 1X-4X.


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Walmart Plus Size Loungewear

Walmart is a great affordable option that deserves extra attention. Members of TPL Community (our private Facebook group you can join here) LOVE loungewear from Walmart. They say it’s both comfortable and super affordable.

This Sophia Vergara set is a steal and goes up to a size 5X. There are plenty of other options (below) in a variety of styles. One member highly recommends the lounge dresses!

75+ Best Cute and Cozy Plus Size Loungewear Sets - The Plus Life (5)

Plus Size Loungewear Short Sets

When thinking loungewear, many of us immediately imagine cold temperatures and snuggling up on the sofa in long pants and a sweater or sweatshirt. These adorable short sets allow us to get cozy no matter the weather.

75+ Best Cute and Cozy Plus Size Loungewear Sets - The Plus Life (6)

Plus Size 3 Piece Lounge Set

This three piece lounge set from Anthropologie is so cozy and fun. It’s a bit of a splurge at $198 but we know you’ll wear it nonstop. Mix and match each individual piece with others you already own to get extra use out of the set!

75+ Best Cute and Cozy Plus Size Loungewear Sets - The Plus Life (7)

You can easily dress this cardigan up by pairing it with jeans and sneakers or leggings and boots. Get even more mileage out of the set by pairing the tank with your favorite jackets, blazers, and cardigans.

Shop All Current Faves

Click the individual photos below to see 75+ of our current favorite loungewear pieces from a number of the resources mentioned in this post.

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Thanks for reading this post all about plus size lounge sets! What’s your go to outfit for relaxing at home?

75+ Best Cute and Cozy Plus Size Loungewear Sets - The Plus Life (2024)


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