24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (2024)

Looking for small desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out this list of 24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes! Recipes make 1-2 servings, perfect for easy date night desserts.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (1)

Dessert is my weakness. If I’m not careful, I eat more than I’m willing to admit.

When I was testing my chocolate peanut butter mug cake, I had 4 mug cakes total.

As much as I wanted to eat all 4 cakes, I knew my waist couldn’t handle all 4 cakes.

And since I work from home, I don’t often have anyone else to eat my leftover desserts. I do go to a coworking space once a week and share there, but during the pandemic that wasn’t an option.

I didn’t bake much from my cookbooks during that time because nobody was around to help me eat anything.

Now with everyone working remotely these days, I bet you’re facing the same dilemma. You love to bake but don’t see coworkers anymore.

The solution? Baking in ramekins! You can make smaller portions of your favorite dessert without throwing away the extras (or putting on the extra pounds).

Pie! Cookie! Brownie! Cake! Even fun recipes such as creme brulee and bread pudding.

That’s why I gathered the best Ramekin Dessert Recipes for you below. They make dessert for one or two so you’re not stuck with too many sweets in the house.

Make them to end an easy date night dinner, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or simply because you’re craving dessert and the handful of chocolate chips you’re snacking on isn’t cutting it.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (2)

What is a ramekin?

A ramekin is a round ceramic baking dish with a fluted exterior. They’re the perfect vessel to serve individual desserts.

They’re often used to portion serving sizes, whether you’re watching your calorie intake or serving multiple people at once.

Ramekins can also turn an ordinary dessert into fun deep dish versions, such as my Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookie.

I also like to use mine to portion eggs before adding them to a hot skillet for over-easy eggs. That way the whites don’t run all over the place.

Don’t have ramekins but still craving something sweet? Check out my romantic desserts for two which use a variety of small baking pans.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (3)

What size ramekins do I need?

My ramekin dessert recipes use 6-ounce ramekins, which is often the standard size for most recipes.

You can buy ramekins at most stores that have a kitchen section – Walmart, Target, even Kohls. You can even find them at thrift stores if you’re on a budget.

Still can’t find any or don’t have time to run out? Buy them online at Amazon (affiliate link).

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (4)

Why I love ramekin desserts

The number one reason I love ramekin desserts is they make small batch recipes!

I’ve been focusing on dessert for two for years now as I don’t have a big family. Often 8×8 and 9×5 pans are too big for only 1-2 servings.

When I’m craving cheesecake, rather than grabbing my springform pan I can make my cheesecake for two.

I can also make my super quick single serve brownie, which is ready in 1 minute using the microwave.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (5)

How to gift dessert in ramekins

Ramekins come in so many fun colors and patterns, they’d make a fun gift! Fill them with a non-perishable recipe (such as my Brownies For Two), wrap them a pretty food-safe bag, then gift to your recipient.

Not only do they get a delicious dessert, they can keep and reuse the ramekin themselves.

Ready to bake the best ramekin dessert recipes? Get started with the inspiration below!

Ramekin Dessert Recipes

Looking for small desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out this list of Ramekin Dessert Recipes! Recipes make 1-2 servings.

Air Fryer Cheesecake

Air Fryer Cheesecake is a creamy dessert for two that makes two ramekin cheesecakes without preheating the oven!. Serve them with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (7)

Brownies For Two

Ooey gooey Deep Dish Brownies For Two are homemade brownies from scratch in two ramekins.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (8)

Single Serve Brownie (Oven)

Single Serve Brownie means a fudgy chocolate dessert for one without being tempted by a whole pan. Can be made in the microwave!

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (9)

Microwave Brownie

This Microwave Brownie made in a ramekin is a quick single serve chocolate dessert you can make in under 5 minutes. It’s a warm and fudgy eggless brownie for one for those days you need it the most.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (10)

Mini Lava Cakes

Mini Lava Cakes are rich and decadent molten chocolate cakes baked in two ramekins then served with a dusting of powdered sugar and whipped cream. They make the perfect dessert for two for your date night at home.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (11)

Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookie

This eggless Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie means eating a warm chocolate chip cookie for one.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (12)

Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

This Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie is a warm and gooey eggless chocolate chip cookie for one cooked in the microwave. Ready from start to finish in under 5 minutes!

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (13)

Microwave Peanut Butter Cookie

This Microwave Peanut Butter Cookie is a warm and nutty no egg peanut butter cookie for one cooked in the microwave. Ready in under 5 minutes from start to finish!

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (14)

Single Serving Sugar Cookie

This Single Serving Sugar Cookie is a soft sugar cookie with sprinkles that doesn’t require a mixer to make.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (15)

Cheesecake For Two

Cheesecake For Two can be customized with different toppings and batters as a fun dessert for two.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (16)

Chocolate Souffle Recipe for Two

Photo Credit:lifeloveandgoodfood.com

Chocolate Soufflé Recipe with a dollop of fresh Kahlua whipped cream

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (17)

Apple Crisp For Two

Your kitchen will smell like fall when you bake up warm and bubbly Apple Crisp For Two with a buttery streusel and creamy vanilla ice cream!

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (18)

Peach Cobbler For Two

Peach Cobbler For Two are warm, bubbly individual peach cobblers topped with tender dough and ice cream.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (19)

Blueberry Cobbler For Two

Blueberry Cobbler For Two is a warm and bubbly individual
blueberry cobbler baked in two ramekins then topped with tender dough from scratch without cake mix or canned biscuits.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (20)

Pear Crisp

Welcome fall into your kitchen with warm and bubbly Pear Crisp For Two with creamy vanilla ice cream and a tart blood orange sauce.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (21)

Rhubarb and Almond Crumble

Photo Credit:www.everyday-delicious.com

This rhubarb almond crumble is a must during rhubarb season!

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (22)

Easy Strawberry Mousse

Photo Credit:www.carolinescooking.com

This easy strawberry mousse is a delicious balance of wonderful strawberry flavor and smooth creaminess.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (23)

Creme Brulee For Two

Photo Credit:www.bostongirlbakes.com

Creme Brulee For Two is so simple to throw together and takes only minutes to prep.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (24)

Pineapple Banana Bread Pudding

Photo Credit:zonacooks.com

This Pineapple Banana Bread Pudding has a
crusty golden-brown top, soft gooey inside and tropical flavors of banana and pineapple.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (25)

Apple Pie For Two

Mini Apple Pie For Two baked in ramekins with a homemade pie crust and apple pie filling

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (26)

Mini Cherry Pie For Two

Do not let summer pass you by without making Mini Cherry Pie For Two! They’re individual cherry pies baked with a homemade pie crust and cherry pie filling.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (27)

Eggless Pumpkin Pie (Gluten Free)

This easy crustless Eggless Pumpkin Pie without evaporated milk is baked in two ramekins so you can have your pie without leftovers.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (28)

Instant Pot Lava Cake

Photo Credit:instantpotcooking.com

This molten Instant Pot Chocolate Lava Cake has a melted chocolate center and can be made in any pressure cooker.

24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (29)

Kahlua Tiramisu for Two

Photo Credit:www.thatskinnychickcanbake.com

Kahlua Tiramisu for Two

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24 Ramekin Dessert Recipes (2024)


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